I’m so happy you’re here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you. But first, I bet you’d like to know a little about me.

Happy to meet you!

I opened Recover You, LLC in 2019 as a part-time practice while still maintaining my 25+ year consulting career. I love working with clients so much that now I am transitioning to a full-time recovery coaching practice.

I’m certified to coach through the Carolyn Costin Institute (CCI) and have completed rigorous training and supervision hours directly under Carolyn Costin. 

I'm Brandy Walker

I'm Brandy Walker


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I suffered from my own eating disorder, disordered thoughts and behaviors, and body dysmorphic disorder for well over 30 years, have gone through my own extensive recovery process and can say I am fully recovered today. I have also worked hard to process and heal a history of complex trauma.

I work from a value-based perspective and help you to investigate and identify whether your eating disorder behaviors align or misalign with your value system. Some of my core values that helped me lean into and maintain my recovery include compassion, empathy, integrity, autonomy, and empowerment.


Eating Disorder wise...I       it.



I have four crazy mutt dogs; Charlotte, Bella, Scooter, and Tiny who will sometimes make an appearance in my virtual sessions.


I'm a lover of coffee, coffee shops, and books.


I am newly happily married and I have 2 very cool adult children and also love their significant others.


I sometimes have a snarky or sarcastic sense of humor.


I am an introvert, empath, and highly sensitive person and seek replenishment through nature. I believe nature is a beautiful way to stay grounded.


I am a deep thinker and love anything that has to do with neuro-science and enriching the soul-self.


I love gardening, reading, listening to music, decorating and learning.


"The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was" Atticus and "We must learn the difference between fear and danger" - Sonya Renee Taylor



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