Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that can be extremely challenging to overcome. While traditional treatment approaches, such as therapy and medical intervention, play a crucial role in recovery, there is a growing recognition of the value of certified eating disorder recovery coaches, including their role in providing in-the-moment text support, as part of a comprehensive treatment team. Let’s explore the role of CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches (CCIEDC) and how they contribute to the recovery journey, with a particular focus on the benefits of texting support.

NOTE: CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches work as an adjunct to a client’s treatment team. Coaches are NOT a replacement for therapy and do not provide nutritional counseling nor prescribe meal plans. Coaches DO NOT diagnose, treat, or provide treatment plans to any individual. Only a licensed medical or mental health care provider may do so. Please consult your licensed mental and medical health care providers when considering the support services of a certified coach.

Understanding CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches

CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches are professionals who have received rigorous training by the Carolyn Costin Institute (CCI) and perform internship hours and supervision directly under the world-renowned eating disorders expert, Carolyn Costin, M.A., M.ED., MFT. Additionally, CCI coaches are required to obtain a specified number of CEUs to maintain their certification status. CCI coaches are not therapists, but rather, they serve as advocates, mentors, and motivators to help individuals navigate the complexities of their recovery journey.

CCI Coaches Who Have Recovered

A large majority of CCI coaches have gone through their own recovery journey from an eating disorder and are fully recovered today. Recovered CCI coaches receive specialized training on how to use self-disclosure thoughtfully and safely in their work, if and when appropriate, with a primary focus on explaining “how” they navigated their recovery journey. It’s important to note that this disclosure does not involve revealing specific details about their own eating disorder. This training emphasizes that every individual’s path to recovery is unique, just like the clients themselves.

In-the-Moment Texting Support: A Critical Service

In-the-moment texting support provided by certified eating disorder recovery coaches is a vital component of the recovery process. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Real-time assistance during challenging moments: Recovery from an eating disorder is a journey filled with ups and downs. Clients may encounter triggers, overwhelming emotions, or moments of self-doubt that can jeopardize their progress. In these critical moments, having a recovery coach available for immediate support can help prevent potential setbacks and offer guidance to cope with difficulties.
  • Personalized and timely feedback: Recovery coaches who provide in-the-moment texting support are well-equipped to understand their clients’ unique challenges and triggers. This personalized approach allows the coach to offer tailored feedback and coping strategies that address the specific needs of each individual in real time.
  • Enhanced accountability and motivation: Regular communication with a recovery coach via texting enhances the sense of accountability for clients. Knowing they have someone to reach out to during difficult times can motivate individuals to stay on track with their recovery goals, reinforcing positive behaviors and promoting consistency.
  • Reinforcement of coping skills: Recovery coaches are trained to teach effective coping skills that promote resilience and help clients navigate through challenging situations. Through in-the-moment texting support, clients can receive reminders of these coping techniques and receive encouragement to utilize them when faced with triggering situations.
  • Increased accessibility and flexibility: Traditional therapy sessions are valuable, but they usually take place on a scheduled basis. In-the-moment texting support provides an additional layer of accessibility, allowing clients to reach out when they need help the most, even outside of regular sessions.
  • Prevention of isolation and loneliness: Eating disorders often thrive in isolation, and clients may experience feelings of loneliness and alienation during their recovery journey. Having a reliable recovery coach to text with can counteract these feelings, creating a supportive connection and reminding clients that they are not alone in their struggles.

In summary, certified eating disorder recovery coaches play an invaluable role in the journey to recovery from eating disorders, including their provision of in-the-moment text support. By offering empowerment, accountability, and personalized assistance through texting, CCI coaches complement the efforts of therapists, dietitians, and medical professionals, resulting in a comprehensive treatment approach. Their collaborative approach bridges the gap between treatment providers, creating a unified support system for individuals in recovery. As we continue to advance our understanding of eating disorders, integrating certified recovery coaches into treatment teams, with a focus on texting support among their services, can significantly improve the overall recovery process and enhance the lives of those on their path to wellness.


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The Role of CCI-Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches

July 24, 2023

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